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Classic Car Restoration.

RJ Coachworks have a long standing interest and passion for the restoration of classic cars. Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and worked on various Marques. We specialise in the body restoration, chassis repair and paintwork aspect. Although we do not perform interior restoration or mechanical work in-house, we can manage a complete restoration by introducing our highly respected interior and mechanical partners to the project, ensuring a concourse finish throughout.

We have vast experience in restoring the following Marques: Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, Jensen, Mercedes Benz, MG, Nissan and Porsche.

We have recently completed works on Television Presenter Mike Brewer's Volvo P1800. You can see images from the restoration here.

The Volvo P1800 will be on exhibition at the NEC Classic Car Show. 9th - 11th November 2007.